Renovating service in Pattaya

Renovating service in Pattaya

Home repair

Renovating service in Pattaya. Do you need help with repair, renovation, fix things, or others? We have 15 years of experience in building houses, taking care of condos, and more. English/Thai speaking staff. Work done for the highest standard.

Renovating service in Pattaya

Time to renovate or extend your home? We have the professionals at hand to make smaller adjustments or total rebuilds. Any kind of construction work.

No power in your home? We can fix it and also install new electrical appliances or outlets both inside and outside. Any kind of electric work.

Built-in or free-standing furniture. Renovation of Kitchen doors and more. No design limit.

We will build your new house as per your specifications or we will make a design for you. Let’s give you a surprise with a quota. Anything from the guest house up to many bedrooms.

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