Moving to Thailand

moving to thailand

Moving to Thailand? My name is Rapeephan Taengprawat, nicknamed Numfon. I am the MD of Orestone Group Co Ltd, founded in 2006.

We speak and write Thai, English, and Swedish fluently. Our company is specialized in Real Estate, buy sell and services. Also, we help foreigners to obtain retirement visas and/or work permits. We also provide a range of services that could be helpful for your stay in Thailand. All our customers are being considered as long-term customers, not only for the first time. We are dedicated to offering all our customers a unique and comprehensive service in many different areas. Our company name reflects our intention, Orestone equals “rock solid” and we have lived up to that since 2006. Many of our customers have expressed appreciation for our services, and that is how we want it to be, for you too. We take honor in delivering the very best service available in Pattaya.

Coming to Thailand?

Moving to Thailand? Our visa service Pattaya and more:

Land Office – We have long-standing contact with Land Office (real estate registration) personal. If you want to buy/sell a condo, house, or land and have never done that before, you definitely need help with all the paperwork. No need for an expensive lawyer. We have 15 years of experience and hundreds of Land Office registrations in our portfolio. If you buy/sell anything from our company, this service is included. We can also manage all necessary papers for Power Of Attorney for buyer/seller living abroad. This means that the buyer and/or seller do not need to come to Thailand.

Caretaker service – We will take care of your property, solve any upcoming issues, pay bills, and so on. If you want we can rent out your property and take care of the tenant as well. A monthly statement where you can see everything that happens with your economy. We manage to check in/check out, rental contract signing, repairs. You do not need to do anything.

Immigration Office – work permits, retirement visas, and long-stay visas. 90-day registration, driver’s license paperwork, and more. There are several different visas available and the rules are constantly changing and they will not tell you until you visit the immigration office. Most of the simpler visas can be done by yourself after getting some experience. Contact us before you come to Thailand since some visas require special actions from your home country.

Juridical – Lawyer, accountant, company registration, and more.

Visa Service Pattaya – Customers to us are welcome to ask questions about any of the issues above. If you are not a customer we will give you general advice for free.

Coming or moving to Thailand?

Make sure that your stay in Thailand is problem-free, enjoy the weather, food, and friendly people without bothering about having contact with government agencies that can become problematic. Contact us today to start a discussion on how we can help you to come to Thailand and make sure your stay is the best experience you can get.

Pattaya is a bustling and modern city where you and your children have plenty of adventures, exploring and enjoy finding. No other city offers a culinary experience like Pattaya. Since it is a tourist city most Thai people can speak English and the weather is the absolute best year-round in Thailand due to its protected location at the Eastern Seaboard. Not too cold, not too hot, and not too much rain. The road standard in this area is of top international standard. Only + 100 km to the big city of Bangkok, a +1 hour drive.

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